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Q. Where do I start?
A. Call or SMS us at +91 9898550223 . Or send us an email at .

Q. What makes Varun Patelís Photography Institute so unique?
A. At Varun Patelís Photography Institute we teach on ď 1 on 1 ď bases as well as in the group. So you can select the option which will suite your timings , if you are job going person or have your own business and want us to teach you at your comfortable timings then you can select our " 1 on 1 " option , and if you are a group learner then feel free to join our batches

Q. Do I need to bring a camera? What should I bring?
A. Yes, you will need a working camera. Preferably, a Digital SLR, or an intermediate/bridge camera that allows you the ability to change settings, like aperture, shutter-speed, and ISO would be helpful, along with the instruction manual. You can also bring a few of your favourite lenses to practice.

Q. When can I book my photography tuition?
A. Your photography tuition can be arranged on weekdays or weekends at a time to suit your schedule.

Q. How far in advance I should enrol?
A. You should enrol minimum 10 days prior to the actual starting date for the course .

Q. Can I come again for any doubts after I complete my course?
A. Yes, you are always welcome to come as many times as you want to clear your doubts, but please book the appointment for that .

Q. Will I get any certificate after the course completion ?
A. Yes, we will give you certificate for the completion of the respective course .

Q. Will I get to assist Mr Varun Patel in the field , if i join the institute?
A. Yes, we allow our promising students to assist Mr Varun Patel in the photoshoots, but that depends on the client and the location.

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