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A Photography Course - Made By You - For You

Create your own Photography course. With our customized photography course option, we allow you to create a perfect photography course to suite your requirements. Select the topics you want to cover and let us know the duration you want to finish your course within.
Learn at your own free time. We do understand and respect your time schedules. Being a businessman or doing a job somewhere, will not allow you to spare the entire day for the learning. So we are giving you the option to select the days of the week and even the suitable time for your learning.
Select your models now this is something no other institute will give you. We give you full freedom for selecting the models with whom you would like to shoot during your course if you are going for a fashion based customized course. We have a huge number of models and agencies working with us. We have some gorgeous Indian and international model options. So select the models you want and shoot with your favorite faces.
Customize your retouching sessions. Are you very new to photoshop? Or you are already a professional working with photoshop and planning to gain more knowledge? Well, you both are welcome to customize a perfect editing course to suite your needs. We are offering all the basic to advanced level photo editing topics which will help you gain some quality retouching skills.

  • 1on1 sessions with Mr Varun Patel
  • Select your favourite indian/international models
  • 100% practical photography courses
  • English, hindi, gujarati language options
  • A perfect photography course to suite your needs
  • Learn at your own free time
  • Basic to advance editing sessions
  • Understand your gears for best outputs

Select the topics from the list given below

    Select topics from below.
    Types of Digital Camera
    Digital Camera
    Modes of Camera
    Camera Components and concepts
    Digital Image Sensor
    Resolution and Understanding of Raw, JPG
    Camera Parts and accessories
    Manual Focus and Focal Length
    Shutter Speed
    Exposure Metering
    White Balance
    Angle & shots
    Painting with Light
    Panning and other techniques
    Framing and Borders
    Elements of Composition
    Understanding The Light
    Brief about the light quality
    How to work with built-in flash of your camera
    Using external flashes
    Type of the flashgun
    How to use the external flash off camera
    Understanding the light modifiers
    Studio Lighting Basics
    Using reflectors outdoor
    Outdoor lighting setups
    Product photography sessions
    Food photography sessions
    Select topics from below
    Understanding Photoshop software interface
    Learning how to process your RAW files for best output
    The tools for editing
    Healing for skin corrections
    Fill and content aware Fill
    Power of cloning for composition correction
    Photoshop layers
    Layer masking
    Using plugins for skin smoothing
    Texture and colour frequencies
    Techniques for skin retouching
    How to do composites which are realistic
    Learn the best way for sharpening your images
    The colour grading game with actions
    Body shaping
    Grafting for retouching
    Color calibration and printing
    RGB and CMYK color profiles
    Fast and effective background changing techniques
    Wacom systems, are they good and how they can change your work speed

What you need to join the customized courses

You need to have a DSLR camera. According to the your topics we might also will guide you to buy some particular lighting systems. If you are including editing sessions in your course then you need to have a laptop.

Registration Process

Once you have decided the topics you want to cover in your photography course. You need to call us on +91 9898550223 and discuss. According to your topics and the time you want to finish your course within. We will get back to you with the dates you can start your photography course from. If the dates are matching with your available schedule, you will have to pay the advance amount and confirm your booking.

Course reviews
  1. Leena J

    I was very new to this field, with no knowledge about photography. So I created a course for me that covers up everything from basic to the master level sessions. Varun sir helped me from buying the right camera to make me a very good photographer. Varun sir, is an amazing person and running some of the best photography courses which will uplift your photographic knowledge.

  2. varunpatelphotographystudents

    Maitrak Banker

    I have my designing firm. Photography definitely would help me with my business. To learn product photography and for clearing out my basics. I created a course with the points I want to learn. The course was perfect he explains everything so nicely you will never have to go to the same point again. Best thing is customized duration option. Flexible hours for learning helps.