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Intermediate Level Photography Course

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Course Structure
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Intermediate level course - Why is it perfect photography course for you?

Hand crafted advanced photography course, for photographers who are looking forward to learn the advanced lighting and professional editing for weddings, portraits, fashion, products and food photography.
Module 1 covers up the fundamentals of lighting. What light modifiers are? And which is the best for your needs, to different aspects of indoor and outdoor lighting for fashion will be covered practically in this module. The sessions will be all practical and we will have models joining us for the session, so you can practice the lighting on them while learning.
Module 2 is for Food Photography & Product Photography. Professional lighting setups for commercial food and product brand campaigns, as well as those e-commerce shoots. We will build up your lighting knowledge for food and product photography in this module. Importance of shooting tethered to the pre-process of the commercial shoots will be covered in the sessions. All the learning sessions followed up with shooting products or food practically and getting that perfect shot for your portfolio. This module will show you the lighting secrets for those professional looking commercial food and product images.
Module 3 Photo shoot with our models. Practice all your concepts and lighting ideas with our models. We will give you 4 photo shoot sessions, 4 hours each with our models. On request we will also manage a makeup team for your practice sessions if you are looking for some creative shots. These sessions will help you built a strong fashion photography portfolio. It will be easier for you to approach your clients with these professionally shots images.
Module 4 is advanced post processing. Yes, we cover Advanced photo editing, as now a day digital editing is a must thing. In this module we will take your photo editing skills to the next level. We will teach you how to do those professional composite shots. Photo printing and colour correction aspects will be covered on a professional level.

  • 1on1 Personal Coaching with Mr Varun Patel
  • Learn and shoot with our amazing models
  • Advanced photography course for studio lighting
  • English, hindi, gujarati language options
  • Freedom to customize your course timings
  • Learn professional food photography techniques
  • Learn aspects of commercial product photography
  • Photo editing course for professional editors

Intermediate level photography course structure

    Clearing the basics quickly
    Light Types
    Light Sources
    Lighting Laws
    Light Quality
    How to work with natural light
    How to use the reflectors for outdoor and indoor shoots
    Understanding the fill flash
    How to work with built-in flash of your camera
    How to work with external flash
    Type of the flashgun
    Understanding the TTL Flashes
    High Speed Sync Flashes
    Creative ways to bounce the flash
    Understanding how to use the external flash off camera
    Trigger types
    Studio Light Modifiers
    Studio Light Understanding
    Studio Lights Positions and Setups
    High key setups
    Low key setups
    Portrait Photography Posing Basics
    How to light for table top product photography
    Different lighting setups for products
    Lighting setups for ecommerce product shoot
    Studio setup for product advertising
    Understanding of equipments for table top photography
    Glossy products lighting setups
    Shooting transparent products
    Food photography using natural lights only
    Using artificial lights for mood while shooting food
    Introduction To Tethered Shooting
    Advanced photography techniques such as focus stacking

    4 hours indoor shoot for practice
    4 hours indoor shoot under the guidance of mr Varun Patel
    4 hours outdoor shoot for practice
    4 hours outdoor shoot under the guidance of mr Varun Patel
    Module 4 PHOTO EDITING.
    Understanding the software interface
    Learning how to process your RAW files for best output
    The tools and respective settings
    Healing for skin corrections
    Fill and content aware fill
    Cloning for composition correction
    Perfect way to make your images sharper
    Save for web and why it is used
    Using plug-ins for skin smoothing
    Body Shaping using photoshop
    Complex hair selection
    Background changing using photoshop
    Retouching techniques
    Introduction to use of layers and masks
    Time saving actions and batch processing
    Quick colour grading for your images
    Compositing using photoshop for commercial photography

Requirements to join our Intermediate level photography course

The intermediate level photography course is one of the advanced photography course we offer. So we expect you to come with some pre-preparations. The photographers who want to join this course should know photography fundamentals. Your shutter speed, aperture, ISO should be clear. You should own a DSLR camera. We will suggest you to buy a particular lighting system which will help you during the learning. Do not worry, we are not going to ask you to buy anything expensive. We provide studio lights and all from our side. Students also need to carry their own computers for the editing sessions.

What if I do not know the basics but still wants to go for this course?
Well, you can always ask for customized photography courses. We are offering our most of the courses on 1on1 bases, so you can customize and create a photography course from your side which suites your needs.

How Do I register my self for the course?

We give our intermediate course on 1on1 sessions. So you do not have to wait for the next batch to start to join. You can start your photography course anytime . Registration for all our photography courses has to be made in advance. But before registration, we want to clear all your doubts, if you have any, regarding our course. So give us a call on +91 9898 550 223 for discussion. If you do not have any queries, you can directly ask our executive on that number, for the process for registration.

Course reviews
  1. Tanvi Tank

    Me and my friend Juhi did the intermediate course. It was amazing experience. We are more into food and product photography and the sessions from this course has helped us gain lot of good knowledge. This is the best photography course available in Ahmedabad India.

  2. varunpatelphotographystudents

    Shantanu Kale

    I came from Pune, for the intermediate course to Varun sir. And I must say I will never regret my decision for taking his photography course. I was already working as a professional photographer, but his lighting sessions cleared my so many doubts. After doing this course, my confidence level has gone very high, so I would really recommend this course to everyone.