Photography Fundamentals Course

Introduction To Photography - Fundamentals Course

fundamentals photography course
Course Structure


Duration: 2 sessions ( 2 hours each )
Days: Sat & Sun
Fees: 6,000/- Rs

  • No prior knowledge required to join this course
  • Learn from a Professional Mentor Varun Patel
  • Learn everything step by step
  • English, hindi, gujarati language options
  • Short term course to kick start your journey
  • Explore Manual mode and much more
  • Weekend Course to fit your schedules
  • No Theory, 100% practical photography course

Photography Fundamentals Course Structure

    Modes of Camera
    Understanding of Raw, JPG
    Everything about lenses
    Focusing methods
    Slow shutter photography
    White Balance
    Shutter Speed
    Exposure Metering
    Shooting in Manual mode
    Panning and other techniques
    Elements of Composition
    Natural light photography
    Vacation photo tips
    Landscape photo tips

Requirements to join our photography fundamentals course

All you need to bring is a camera system that allows to shoot on Manual mode. Any DSLR or mirrorless camera system is fine with us. You can bring your other gears ( if any ) such as a tripod or filters or anything else to explore them during your sessions. No prior knowledge about photography is required, but if you already know somethings we will help you perfect that more.

How Do I register my self for the course?

Registration for all our photography courses has to be made in advance. But before registration, we want to clear all your doubts, if you have any, regarding our course. Give us a call on +91 9898 550 223 for discussion. If you do not have any queries, you can directly ask our executive on that number, for the process for registration.

Course reviews
  1. Rinki Ghildiyal

    I am working as a crew for airline, got to know about this course via a friend. I had no knowledge about camera, but now I am able to take wonderful pictures of my trips. Varun sir's friendly approach makes things easier.

  2. Deepak Agarwal

    This course is great value for money and thoroughly enjoyable. Varun is very knowledgeable and humble person, I would sure go for more courses with Varun.

  3. Pranay Patel

    Varun sir’s ‘down to earth’ approach with simple explanations combined with practical applications made for an overall amazing experience for me. I would defiantly recommend this course to everyone.

  4. Megha Kotak

    This course was fantastic. Varun explained things in an easy way to understand. I have not had a camera for about 10 years so went in with zero skills. I now feel confident to get out there with my new camera.

  5. varunpatelphotographystudents

    Aayushi Donga

    I would highly recommend this course from Varun. I did search for a good beginner level photography course, Varun had great reviews. And after the course now I can say that I agree with all the great reviews.