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Learn Photography At Your Home With Our Online Photography Courses

Our online photography and retouching courses are the best in class, and we have reasons to prove. We believe good quality knowledge is possible only when the learning is interactive. So in our online photography courses, we do not simply give out some pre-recorded videos. We give you live 1on1 video call sessions. You can ask us about your questions, solve your doubts practically. So it is more like you are in our studio physically.
Online photography courses which we offer, gives you the option to create a complete customized course for yourself. Photographers can select the points, from our given course curriculum and they can create a course that is to the point. All our sessions will be with our Mentor Varun Patel on personal video call.
Our online course can help in all the categories, from fashion, wildlife, food, product, wedding, architecture. You can create a basic online photography course, or can create an advanced online photography course by selecting the right points from our given course curriculum. If you are an amateur and not sure what points to include in your online course, then feel free to discuss your needs with us and we will help you out selecting the right points for your course.

  • 1on1 Video Call Sessions with Mr Varun Patel
  • Live shoots with models on video call for you
  • 100% Customizable online photography course
  • English, hindi, gujarati language options
  • Receive RAW files from the sessions
  • Learn photoshop retouching online
  • Ask all your questions to us Live
  • Learn from anywhere in the World

Online photography and editing course curriculum

    Select topics from below.
    Types of Digital Camera
    Digital Camera
    Modes of Camera
    Camera Components and concepts
    Digital Image Sensor
    Resolution and Understanding of Raw, JPG
    Camera Parts and accessories
    Manual Focus and Focal Length
    Shutter Speed
    Exposure Metering
    White Balance
    Angle & shots
    Painting with Light
    Panning and other techniques
    Framing and Borders
    Elements of Composition
    Understanding The Light
    Brief about the light quality
    How to work with built-in flash of your camera
    Using external flashes
    Type of the flashgun
    How to use the external flash off camera
    Understanding the light modifiers
    Studio Lighting Basics
    Using reflectors outdoor
    Outdoor lighting setups
    Select topics from below
    Understanding Photoshop software interface
    Learning how to process your RAW files for best output
    The tools for editing
    Healing for skin corrections
    Fill and content aware Fill
    Power of cloning for composition correction
    Photoshop layers
    Layer masking
    Using plugins for skin smoothing
    Texture and colour frequencies
    Techniques for skin retouching
    How to do composites which are realistic
    Learn the best way for sharpening your images
    The colour grading game with actions
    Body shaping
    Grafting for retouching
    Color calibration and printing
    RGB and CMYK color profiles
    Fast and effective background changing techniques
    Wacom systems, are they good and how they can change your work speed

Who can join our online photography courses?

The answer is anyone who is interested in learning photography can join our online photography courses. Beginners who are just starting up in the photography field. Professional photographers who are already working in the field. Our online photography courses are 100% customizable courses so we can create the perfect course for you, does not matter what is your skill level

Requirements for joining our online photography courses?
You need to have a high speed internet connection. A smart phone or computer. A DSLR camera with you.

How Do I register my self for the course?

Before registering yourself as our online photography course student, you need to have a discussion with us. We need to know exactly what you are looking forward to learn, and what is the purpose. Is it just for hobby or you are planning to take this as profession in future. We will create a perfect course for you considering your requirements. You will receive your course structure with duration and fees on your email. If you think our online course suites your requirements, then you can book your sessions by paying the advance fees.

Course reviews
  1. Sujoy Chatterjee

    Working as Senior Software Engineer in Noida, I never had enough time to join any photography institute to learn photography. From google I came to know about Varun Sir's online course. I wanted to learn photography just for taking some good vacation images. I called him up and he gave me a perfect customized online course after discussing my needs. The best thing about his course is the Live 1on1 video call sessions. I mean I can never learn from YouTube videos, because I will never be able to ask questions. But these online sessions are 100% interactive and the learning is so easy when you have such mentor.

  2. varunpatelphotographystudents

    Anton Das

    Fashion photography has always been my passion. I started taking online sessions from Varun Sir around a year ago. He has helped me with all live video sessions, online lighting diagrams and much more. This is the best online photography course available in India. I customized my advanced online photography sessions and the entire course was so informative and perfect.